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First for Botanical Skincare, Eco-friendly Home, and Natural Pet.

Mountain Garden Botanics is a small family company based on Esclusham Mountain in Wrexham, North Wales. We all have things in life that we are passionate about. For us it is wildlife, nature, and the great outdoors. As conservation enthusiasts we are passionate about protecting all creatures and living in harmony with the land while using the amazing natural superfoods this world has provided.

We pride ourselves to be first choice for natural botanical skincare, eco-friendly home, and natural pet. Our soaps and shampoo bars are packed full of nourishing ingredients for your skin and hair with coconut oil being our number one ingredient. We use natural superfoods to feed your hair naturally such as nettles, argan oil and shea butters. For deep cleaning your pours and hair follicles we use activated charcoal and anti-bacterial essential oils. Switching from commercial shampoos which have parabens and SLS to a true natural shampoo can come with a transition period. This is why we have created our shampoo bar trial kit. The shampoo bar trial kit comes with a sample size of our 8 different bars along with a handy guide and introduction to shampoo bars. We have never looked back since switching with noticing the difference such as hair growing faster, stronger, brighter, and shinier. Each shampoo bar is so eco-friendly as is the equivalent to two shampoo bottles. With shampoo bars you may find over time like us you do not need conditioner anymore as the bar has all the superfood ingredients you need.

Another way of introducing natural skincare into your routine is by switching from antiperspirants to a natural deodorant. Antiperspirants use chemicals such as aluminium, blocking your sweat glands which is why it stops you sweating. Switching to our natural deodorant will allow you to sweat naturally however will keep you smelling great with our essential oils and keep your skin moisturised with shea butter. Read our blog on natural deodorants for more information.

Our candles and reed diffusers are the perfect edition to any home. We have had some amazing reviews on our candles with some saying they are the best candles they have ever bought. Our candles and reed diffusers are both vegan friendly. We only use pure essential oils in all our products, and this is as important in skincare as it is for home products so you are not burning or exposing synthetic fragrances. Our favourite and most popular candles is our crackle wood candles which heighten the senses through sight, sound and scent. Each reed diffuser is finished off with a wooden Welsh Love spoon which we think is only right as each one is handmade with love.

When making our range of products we spent a long time researching eco-friendly packaging. We wanted packaging that was 100% recyclable at the curb side and non-plastic. All our glass packaging can be upcycled within your home. Check out our social media for inspiration ideas

One of our favourite categories is our natural pet range. We adore animals and our pets are part of our family. We believe that pets deserve the best ingredients that are natural and safe for their skin and coat. All our natural pet range has been developed with your best friend in mind including how sensitive their sense of smell is compared to ours. Read our reviews from our happy customers who have used our pet shampoo bars for horses, dogs, and cats.