Hi, my name is Gill, and I am the face behind Mountain Garden Botanics.
We are a small family run firm based on a mountain in North Wales.

I started my journey as a keen gardener. Growing all my fruit, herbs, vegetables, and flowers from seed. I had taken an interest in growing vegetables originally so that I could have organic produce for my pets. Spring is one of my favourite times in the garden as I can wonder around with my basket and forage. Whilst foraging for all these amazing ingredients in my garden it gave me the inspiration to explore the other benefits of these natural botanicals that mother nature has given us.

I started with a shampoo bar, which is still my favourite today, as it is scented with lavender and lemongrass and has neem oil to repel some of the biting insects that I have on the mountain. After an initial detox period, the shampoos’ natural ingredients had an amazing impact on my hair. My hair grew faster, became thicker, bouncier, and even lighter. This success motivated me to not only develop other recipes, each with their own natural benefits, but just as important for me, a range suitable for pets.

We are continuing to develop more products for you, your pets and your home.  My rescued pets mean the world to me, and I take just as much care and enjoyment in making products for them as I do for myself.

We all have things in life that we are passionate about. For me it is wildlife, nature and the great outdoors. As a conservation enthusiast I am passionate about protecting all creatures and living in harmony with the land.

Our Ethics

We are proud to be a 100% cruelty free company, with no testing whatsoever done on animals. We are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free (a common chemical found in commercial shampoos, which can cause itchy scalp for both you and your pets), paraben free and do not use palm oil in any of our products. We source all our packaging responsible as the environment is also important to us here at Mountain Garden Botanics. We use Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging, glass and aluminium where we can. Please carry on this chain and reuse, recycle or compost.

As I handmake every product, I have full visibility and control on everything. From sourcing raw materials responsibly, to ensuring that they are all in perfect condition when sent to you. Some of the ingredients used in my products are home grown and lovingly foraged with my four-legged friends.

I hope you love my products as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

Love Gill