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Bubbles and Botanicals: The ultimate guide to understanding Natural Soap Ingredients

Estimated Reading Time: 19 minutes Bubbles and Botanicals: Understanding Natural Soap Ingredients” is a detailed guide by Mountain Garden Botanics on soap-making and the importance of natural ingredients. The article explains how they source and choose sustainable ingredients, the soap-making process, and the role of natural oils in shaping the soap’s properties. It highlights the journey of botanical ingredients from fields to foam, the science of saponification, and the unique benefits of the oils used in their products, using their Lavender Handmade Soap bar as an example​.

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Revolutionising Dog Grooming: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Dog Shampoo Bars

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Introduce your pet to the innovative Dog Shampoo Bar, a sustainable alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. These eco-friendly bars last longer, reduce plastic waste, and are perfect for travel. Choose Mountain Botanics’ dog shampoo bars for a gentle and nourishing grooming experience with natural ingredients like coconut oil and essential oils. These bars provide stress-free bathing, making them an ideal choice for your pet’s grooming and a step towards environmental responsibility.

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Mountain Garden Botanics: Revolutionising Pet Grooming with Natural & Ethical Products

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes We are Mountain Garden Botanics, a proud producer of all-natural, ethically sourced pet grooming products based in the beautiful setting of North Wales. Partnered with Pet Place, a renowned ethical pet product retailer, our mission is to transform pet grooming with sustainable, cruelty-free products, such as our innovative shampoo bars packed with beneficial botanicals.

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