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Pets are the most adorable creatures one can have in childhood or as an adult. Who simply does not love the small bunch of happiness hopping around. Whether it is a cat or dog or rabbit or any other animal, the pleasure of adopting and owning an animal is beyond words. In the UK, pets are widely adopted which leads to increased sales to natural pet care stuff. 

According to a survey in the UK, approximately 51% of adults own at least one pet. Whereas 26% has cats, 24% dog owners and only 2% population has pet rabbits. If we accumulate the population of pet dogs, cats and rabbits then it is 10.1m, 10.9m and 1m respectively. These numbers clearly show how much pets are being loved in the UK. 

When you have a pet then Natural pet care essentials will surely be on your top priority along with personal care.

What are the Natural pet care essentials?

If you have a pet or planning to adopt one then you must know products that you will need for their care. You cannot use your own natural shampoo and soaps on your pets because animals have different pH levels and need balanced products made with natural ingredients. 

To keep your pet clean and shining daily you should buy these natural pet care products. 

1. Cleanser

It must be at the top priority to buy among other products. The cleanser for paws is made with natural oils that nourish, cleanse and soothe the paws of your pets. It is available in many options as it is made from flower oils such as lavender, chamomile, sunflower along with Argan oil, jojoba oil, neem oil and shea butter. All of the ingredients come together to deeply clean the skin and repair. 

2. Shampoo bars 

Natural Shampoo Bars are more beneficial for your pets as it contains little to none chemicals. Our pet shampoo bars are handmade, cruelty-free, vegan, palm oil free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and SLS, on top of that, we offer plastic-free packaging. These shampoo bars have a rich natural blend, essential oil scents and flower petals for bringing a calming sensation after the bath. 

3. Paw & Nose balm

Whether your pet runs indoor or outdoors, the nose and paws are the parts that get cracked skin. Buy a soothing balm for applying on the paws and nose of your pets. The natural pet care paw and nose balms are made with essential oils including jojoba oil, argan oil, hemp seed oil, shea butter etc. You can even use this balm even if your pet is pregnant and during lactation.  

4. Paw Relief 

It is good to have paw relief gel with you because your pet will occasionally get sore or itchy paw. The relief serum made with aloe vera, witch hazel and essential oils will bring relief to aching paws and soothe the burning skin. It is applied by directly spraying or with a cotton pad on the paws gently. 

Benefits Of Natural Pet Care Products

Natural pet care products are greatly beneficial for your pets and help them live better. 

  • Using natural pet care products reduces the chances of you and your pet to the exposure to toxic stuff. Pets come in contact with mud, soil, incest’s, and with other people which is the main source of transmission. Using all-natural products to keep them clean prevents any exposure. 
  • Giving your pets only the best products lessens the probability of developing any kind of skin or any other disease. Pets with a healthy diet and cleaned with natural products have a much healthier life. 
  • Natural pet care products have no side effects and cost much less than chemically infused products. Natural and organic products can be used without any worry due to being made with only the best ingredients.