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New Year Resolutions New Year Goals. Did you make any? How long were you thinking about them before saying out loud that was yours this year? Are you struggling with your new commitments?


I think new year’s resolutions are a great tradition. Not only does it give you something to achieve it also gives you focus for your mind during some of our coldest and darkest months of the year.

We have strong core values as a small family company. Our ethos can help you with some of your new year resolutions by switching to our products. Here’s how



  • Ditch the plastic bottles in your bathroom. Start using hands soap and shampoo bars
  • Did you know shampoo bars are the equivalent of 2 bottles, this saves you money while helping the environment
  • Switch your pets onto shampoo bars too. They can also benefit after those muddy walks



  • 98% of all our products are vegan friendly. Only our natural deodorant and bars that contain honey aren’t. The beeswax and honey we use are cruelty-free and responsibly sourced.
    • Did you know that not all reed diffusers are vegan-friendly? The cost of Vegan-friendly oil is over twice the cost of standard oil. We knew our cost would be higher when sourcing these ingredients, but we thought it was the right decision. Our’s are 100% plastic free too



  • Buy from companies who use true cruelty certified ingredients



  • Buy local or from British companies. Reduce your footprint



  • Be more conscious about chemicals that we are using on our skin, our family, and our pets
  • Switch to a natural deodorant from antiperspirants that use aluminum
  • Use brands that do not use palm oil in their ingredients
  • Use natural spritzes on your pet’s coat, not the overpowering ones made with fragrance oils such as baby powder scent
  • Switch to products that only use pure essential oils. Why use fragrance oils on your skin and within your home that have been chemically made?
    • Did you know a fragrance oil can have up to 100 different ingredients sometimes?

Hopefully, we have inspired you with some more ways that we can help make some simples changes within your home. If you would like to try any of our products quote the code JAN22 at checkout on our website and this will apply a 20% discount for you off your whole basket! Free P&P on orders over £45. New Year Resolution New Year Goals Let’s do this!