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Wrexham Lager Handmade Soap

£6.99 incl. Vat
When having a bath one night, drinking a bottle of my favourite home lager, I wondered how cool it would be to have a bath in my favourite Wrexham Lager. They have beer spas in other countries where you can bathe in beer due to the amazing benefits for skin.  Ale and Lager can be so beneficial for skin as they naturally contain vitamins. Brewers yeast and hop extracts naturally contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits. I can’t fill a bathtub full of lager so what’s the next best thing? Let’s do what I do best and make soap with Wrexham Lager! We have developed with Wrexham Lager two different soaps to chose from. Each bar contains Mountain Gardens handmade soap formula while also adding the amazing Wrexham Lager. Both bars are highly nourishing with coconut being the number one ingredient! Our soaps are all handmade on Esclusham Mountain in Wrexham! We have a great view of the town and at this time of year we can clearly see when Wrexham FC are playing! We are proud t be cruelty free with no testing done on animals or with the raw ingredients we source. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and no plastic so eco-friendly! No palm oil is used in any of our products or synthetic fragrances! Choose from
  • Wrexham Lager Handmade Soap scented with a blend of herby and musky essential oils
  • Wrexham Lager Handmade Soap with a Dash of Lime. A perfect blend of citrus essential oils