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Hemp, Tea tree, Pine, Cedarwood & Nettle Shampoo Bar

£6.99 incl. Vat
All our shampoo bars are lovingly handmade with a rich blend of nourishing oils to feed your hair and keep it in great condition. Not only are our shampoo bars natural they have a blend of essential oils picked to suit your inner botanical self. Scented with tea tree, pine, cedarwood essential oils which are known for their anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. This shampoo bar also has added hemp oil for its healing and rejuvenate benefits. Packed with nettles which is an amazing superfood for your hair. Nettles are known for many benefits including anti-inflammatory, strengthening and adding shine to your hair. Some even say it encourages hair regrowth. Our shampoo bars are; Cruelty free, Palm oil free, Vegan Friendly, SLS and Paraben free, Alcohol Free, Plastic free packaging. Rub your shampoo bar over your scalp on to wet hair. Massage into a luxurious lather & rinse. Finding the right shampoo bar for your hair can be tricky. You will find that moving from traditional shampoo to a natural alternative may involve a detox period. This will vary from person to person but stick with it and see the transformation in your hair. Average Weight 80g